Fuelling Organizations with Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Fuelling Organizations with Peer-to-Peer Recognition

An organization is a group of people working towards a common goal. If the setup here is analogous to a vehicle propelled forward by several engines, there needs to be some lubrication and fuel that must reduce the friction and provide a steady source of energy.

In an organization, the part of the lubricant is essayed by agents that build bonding, faith, trust, and understanding among employees. Motivation, appreciation, and positivity play key roles as fuel in the organization. It is the combination of these and many more aspects that we identify as peer-to-peer recognition.

The formula here is simple. peer-to-peer recognition in an organization must ensure that feedback remains private while recognition is in public, across the working space. The acknowledgment of a help that a co-worker extended in a project, a peer appreciation for a Smule clip by someone in the office, a congratulatory message on participating in a social upliftment campaign – anything and everything that plays a part in social recognition can be a part of peer-to-peer recognition. The key is to create an environment where the employees are connected, concerned, and mutually appreciative. These keys help peer engagement journey transition from being just a co-employee in the beginning to a trusted colleague and finally to an all-weather friend. Aided with the lubricating factors, this ensures that the engines move in tandem, further making recognition at work one of the most compelling employee retention strategies. The resultant environment creates a support-base for the company throughout.

At the end of the day, peer-to-peer recognition brings about better fuel and lubrication, conditioned engines, and a vehicle that outperforms every ordinary expectation.

SmartCafe has a specific module called KUDOS that assist in Peer-Peer Recognition.


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