One point system for financial consolidation

Built-in inter company matching

Rule-based automatic consolidation

Configuration of core dimensions

Multi-entity and multi-account

Forecast critical information of management


Complete financial consolidation solution
  • A unified single cloud solution across planning, budgeting, and financial consolidation
  • Includes all standard consolidation entries—intercompany eliminations, goodwill recognition, investments elimination, consolidated reserves
  • The real-time data platform instantly updates status of the consolidation, no batch wait times
  • User-owned controls, audit trail, and workflow
  • Pre-configured data model, data entry forms, controls, business rules, and consolidation reports
Multiple entities, standards, and versions
  • Supports multiple entity, account structures, consolidation versions, and currencies
  • Manages and reconciles IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and any other GAAP
Rule-based automation
  • Rule-based consolidation process automates recurring consolidation entries
  • Ability to manage balance sheet movements, automating calculation of consolidated cash flow
Collaboration and workflow
  • Allows local subsidiaries to speed close process following geo-specific controls and procedures
  • Track and collaborate across all stages of consolidation and close with workflow and alerts
Data import, modeling, and initialization
  • Automated import and mapping functionalities
  • Pre-built, easily configurable chart of accounts with account rollup to financial statement totals
  • Pre-built list of movements and assignments to balance sheet accounts
Data collection
  • Data-collection status dashboard tracks level of completion entity by entity
  • Pre-built entry forms to load trial balance data, intercompany amounts, and input movement flows in the balance sheet
  • Pre-configured controls and controls reports
Intercompany reconciliation
  • Peer-to-peer intercompany elimination and reconciliation: balance and transactional levels
  • Reconcile intercompany amounts in group currency and functional currency of the entity
Consolidation and journals
  • Local or group-level journal adjustment capabilities
  • Consolidate at multiple organizational levels in a simple consolidation run
  • Manage full integration, joint venture, partial ownership, and equity accounting methods
  • Goodwill calculation based on investment register
  • Entity valuations based on consolidated data
  • Group consolidation status dashboard to monitor the overall consolidation process for each entity
  • Unlimited consolidation processes and reporting— statutory, management, regional, tax
Reporting and analysis
  • Pre-built financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, change in equity
  • Audit reports for analysis and validation at consolidated level for currency translation, journal adjustments, and consistency of data
  • Analysis reports with drill-down from consolidated results to contribution by entity or audit IDs
Currency translation and CTA
  • Centrally managed exchange rates and automatic calculation of exchange rate differences
  • Convert different balances at different rates: opening balance, movement, end balance, spot
  • Convert financial statements submitted in local currency to group/functional/reporting currency
  • Automate cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) calculation in consolidated reserves.
Audit trail
  • Audit trail of corrected data journal adjustments
  • History report of data edits: what, when, who
Data integration
  • Connect with any upstream system to bring in and push back consolidation data • One common Anaplan platform for integration with apps and processes across the business
Microsoft Office® integration
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Excel®, Word®, and PowerPoint®—share financial consolidation results via workbook, slides, or board book documents