In a dynamically changing business environment, it is important for organizations to have their people contributing at their peak performance. For that to happen organizations should attract, develop and retain right talent. This calls for holistic HR automation and SmartMegh’s Digital HR platform provides this.

Core HR

Work Force Planning


Time & Attendance

Talent Management

Payroll & Benefits

HR Analytics

SmartMegh’s Digital HR Platform is built around Ramco HCM on Cloud. Ramco HCM on Cloud is a global HR & talent management solution that covers organization’s human capital management needs from hire to retire.

Features and Benefits

Apart from Ramco HCM on Cloud, SmartMegh has developed state of the art People Analytics solution called SmartLytics© that helps in converting information to intelligence and to further insights about people practices of an organization. Pre-architected data model with pre-defined extraction logic and pre-designed dashboards and charts would help organizations achieve their HR analytics vision at significantly lower cost, effort and time. This technology-agnostic solution covers following subject areas


Similarly SmartMegh has developed a comprehensive and complex workforce planning solution SmartAMP (SmartMegh’s Agile Manpower Planning) using Anaplan – A leading cloud based planning tool. This solution aligns organizational people plans to their operational plans for the right impact on business results.